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Opticon OPR-2001 Scanner

Sleek barcode reader

The Opticon OPR-2001 scanner features a compact and stylish yet lightweight design. The OPR-2001′s uniquely ergonomic design and comfortable housing not only makes it a natural fit to your hand, but also gives it a comfortable feel.

The OPR-2001 features a speed of 100 scans per second. This high performance laser scanner provides a fast and accurate scan, even when barcodes are printed with low contrast.

Easy scanning
The integrated auto trigger mode together with the dedicated stand enables hands-free operation. Available in black and white, the OPR-2001 uses very little counter space and blends well with other office furniture. This ultra-lightweight, yet solid scanner withstands drops up to 1.5 meter onto concrete.

Plug & play
Available in USB, RS232 and Keyboard Wedge connectivity options, the OPR-2001 can easily be integrated into any host computer system as a plug and play device.

Hospitals and other medical centers use the OPR-2001 to identify patients at the reception desk. The unique barcode on the patient’s badge connects to the patient’s electronic health record when scanned. Barcodes on medical supplies can link the used medication to the electronic health record. This makes the medical history and prescription list available for the care professional. Integration of barcode scanning eliminates errors and allows faster collection of data that needs to be communicated across the care providers.

Product Code

  • OP(11646-5Y) – Opticon OPR-2001-BLACK-RS232 Scanner / Black / Laser / Corded RS232 Interface / RS232 Straight Cable (incl Hands-Free Stand) (Requires PSU) [with 5 Year Warranty]
  • OP(11645-5Y) – Opticon OPR-2001-BLACK-USB Scanner / Black / Laser / Corded USB Interface / USB Straight Cable (incl Hands-Free Stand) [with 5 Year Warranty]
  • OP(11644-5Y) – Opticon OPR-2001-BLACK-WEDGE Scanner / Black / Laser / Corded PS/2 Wedge Interface / PS/2 Wedge Straight Cable (incl Hands-Free Stand) [with 5 Year Warranty]

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