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/ StatSpin Express 4 Centrifuge

StatSpin Express 4 Centrifuge

High speed horizontal centrifuge

The StatSpin Express 4, high speed horizontal centrifuge provides faster turnaround time and greater productivity for your “lean” laboratory. Place it next to any STAT analyzer and serum or plasma gel tubes are ready in just minutes.

With only three (3) settings, it is simple to use. Just select the 3, 5 or 10 minute button and press start. No fumbling with settings or the need to readjust the speed. For safety, the lid remains locked until the rotor comes to a complete stop. An audible alarm sounds when the cycle is completed. Samples can be processed as they arrive in the lab; no need for batching, no unproductive time spent waiting for the centrifuge…’ll have results in minutes. Now you can process as many as eight (8) samples at once for high throughput.

The StatSpin Express 4 is powerful. The rugged brushless motor is maintenance free.


  • Fast – In just 3 minutes, the Express 4 can produce serum or plasma equal to tubes spun for 10 or more minutes in a conventional horizontal centrifuge.
  • Separates gel tubes – rapid separation of gel tubes with flat gel barriers to ensure no cell interference.
  • Simple to operate – Just 3 buttons – no fumbling with settings.
  • Versatile – Adaptors for 7mL and 10mL tubes come with the unit. It can accomodate tubes from 1.5mL to 10mL.
  • Safe – Shield interlock and steel bowl provide mechanical containment for operator safety. UL listed and CE marked.
  • Self-diagnostics – Diagnostic error codes indicate imbalance and reduces chance of operator error.
Spin Parameters - 3 min180 seconds @ 5,100 rpm / 4,000 xg
Spin Parameters - 5 min300 seconds @ 5,100 rpm / 4,000 xg
Spin Parameters - 10 min600 seconds @ 4,500 rpm / 3,100 xg
Cycle Time3, 5 and 10 minutes
Acceleration Time30 seconds or less
Deceleration Time30 seconds or less
Tube Sizes1.5ml to 10.0ml
Dimensions20.3 x 33.0 x 40.6 cm
Weight10.0 kg
Power Requirements240 V

Product Code

  • SS(SSH4)H – StatSpin Express 4 Centrifuge (includes: 8-place rotor (RTH8), eight 10ml inserts & eight 7ml inserts).

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